The federal government has accused a man who claimed to have dressed as Antifa and to have beaten and stolen equipment from the police during the riot on Capitol Hill

“I dress in black,” Norwood wrote as “Robbie” on Jan.5, the day before the riot and insurgency, according to text messages quoted in one. an FBI affidavit. “I’ll look like ANTIFA. I’ll get away with anything.”

After the January 6 riot, additional text messages obtained by FBI show Norwood claimed he had tested his theory.

“I escaped with things that others were shot or arrested for,” Norwood wrote, according to the affidavit.

Norwood has repeatedly claimed in text messages that the only reason the police allowed him to assault him was because he was dressed like Antifa.

“I fought 4 cops, they didn’t do anything,” Norwood continued, according to the affidavit. “When I put on my red hat, they gave me a pepper ball.”

He also claimed to have seen Ashli ​​Babbitt being shot, saying the police officer “allowed ‘ANTIFA Trump supporters’ to assault him.”

Norwood went on to say that he was “one of them” who assaulted the officer.

Norwood has been charged with theft of government property, obstruction of Congress, disorderly conduct on the Capitol grounds and knowingly entering a restricted building.

A lawyer from Norwood was not in court records.

The affidavit described text according to which investigators say Norwood claimed he disarmed a police officer and “obtained a nice helmet and body armor.” A selfie photo obtained by the FBI shows what investigators say is Norwood, “wearing what appears to be a US Capitol Police tactical vest under a zippered camouflage jacket.”

Even though he had just claimed to have assaulted four police officers, in the same thread obtained by the FBI, Norwood also claimed that he “saved several cops from being killed by Antifa.”

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“I stood up for them after they assaulted me,” he said, according to the affidavit.

During the text conversation, a family member confronted Norwood about his claims and hypocrisy.

“Robbie literally bragged about pretending to be that mysterious Antifa that you carry on indefinitely, and then you say no, no REAL antifa has done that,” replied a family member, according to the FBI affidavit. “You admitted to going and being something that you accuse others of being. And then you got angry and blamed other people for the same thing you did. What’s wrong. not at your place? “

Norwood responded by saying in part that “the only cop who deserved it got it.”

“I am anti-police,” he explained, according to the affidavit. “The cops playing the fucking role got exactly what they deserved. Those who were cool got help.

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Except when Norwood was interviewed by the FBI on January 22, the affidavit indicates that his story appeared to change drastically.

When asked about his allegations of assault on police officers, FBI investigators write in the affidavit that Norwood, “denied assaulting law enforcement officers, and claimed that all statements he made in text messages were supposed to make NORWOOD harsh.

He reiterated his claims that he helped protect the police from assault, according to the affidavit. FBI investigators also said Norwood admitted to taking a police helmet and vest, “in a pile of equipment.” Norwood told investigators he left the equipment in the hotel room of an Ohio couple they met outside the Capitol building.

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FBI investigators say he admitted entering the Capitol after two US Capitol police officers “waved to people inside” and wanted to leave, but was prevented because of the crowd.

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