Oath Keeper now says she did not meet with Secret Service around January 6 rally

During a court filing over the weekend, Watkins said she received a VIP pass to the Trump rally, met with Secret Service agents and provided security for lawmakers and others, including understood during their march to the Capitol.

But on Monday, Watkins echoed some of those claims, saying she simply spoke with members of the Secret Service as she walked through security at the rally.

Watkins also continued to point fingers at rally organizers who she said empowered her as a security presence for the private event, according to her court filing on Monday.

Yet Watkins’ details in court suggest that the efforts of the paramilitaries who are now accused of conspiring on January 6 were closer to the apparatus around President Donald Trump and his rally than previously known.

Watkins, a former ranger who served in Afghanistan, is seeking release from prison pending trial, following her charge with conspiracy and other actions on Jan.6. She is scheduled to appear before a federal judge on Tuesday afternoon.

Regarding her fleeting encounter with the Secret Service, “she was given directions on things she could and couldn’t do, including instructions to leave all tactical gear outside the VIP area, and she followed all of these guidelines, ”her court record said. Monday.

“Ms Watkins is not suggesting that she is directly aware that her security role was sanctioned by anyone other than those involved in organizing the rally,” the new file added.

The U.S. Secret Service, in response to Watkins’ claims in Saturday’s filing, denied that private citizens worked with them to provide security on January 6.

“To carry out its protective functions on January 6, the US secret service relied on the assistance of various government partners. Any claim that the secret service employed private citizens to perform these functions is false,” said one. spokesperson for the American secret services in a press release. on CNN Sunday.

The Secret Service did not respond to Watkins’ revised requests on Monday.

The Justice Department, which is pursuing Watkins’ case, has yet to respond to his demands in court.

CNN’s Whitney Wild contributed to this report.

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