Manchester United fans protest against US owners ahead of Liverpool game

Many Manchester United supporters are unhappy with the failure of the club’s attempt to join the European Super League last month. The Glazer family, who also own the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, run the club.

“After the security breach at Old Trafford, we can confirm that the Manchester United game against Liverpool will not start at 4.30pm BST,” the Premier League live blog said.

“The safety of everyone at Old Trafford is paramount. At this time, there is no revised kick-off time.

Manchester United and Greater Manchester Police did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

“Hundreds of fans have been on the field and many are now exiting through the gates on the other side of a road which normally allows team buses to pass,” wrote BBC reporter Simon Stone, which is at Old Trafford.
Manchester United – and Liverpool – were two of 12 clubs that announced last month their intention to part ways with UEFA’s current competitive format and create their own European Super League, before the project unfolds quickly.

“We are disgusted, embarrassed and angry at the owner’s actions regarding the planning, training and announcement of the European Super League,” Manchester United Supporters Trust said in an emergency meeting on Friday. from the fan forum.

“Once again this clearly shows that the owners of the club are only interested in maximizing their own profits and do not care or respect the opinions of Manchester United fans.”
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