FBI says law enforcement shot and injured suspect outside CIA headquarters after hours-long standoff

“The FBI is examining a shooting involving an agent that took place around 6:00 pm on Monday, May 3, 2021. An individual involved in a security incident outside of the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in McLean, VA, has stepped out of his room. vehicle with a weapon and was hired by law enforcement officers, ”said a statement from the field office.

The suspect, the statement continued, “was injured and was taken to hospital for medical treatment.”

The suspect first went to the CIA gates late Monday morning and made statements suggesting that there was a bomb in his vehicle, according to a law enforcement official and another source close to the ‘incident.

A CIA spokesperson had described the scene as a “security situation” in a statement to CNN earlier Monday.

“Our complex remains secure, and our security protection officers in charge of the incident are the only Agency personnel directly involved,” the statement said.

CIA headquarters have boasted particularly tight security since a high-profile incident in 1993, when a man shot and killed two agency employees and injured three others leaving Langley compound.

At the time, CIA officials said security had been tightened to prevent any similar event.

The FBI Washington Field Office on Monday stressed that the agency “takes seriously all shooting incidents involving our agents or task force members” and “the review process is thorough and objective, and is being conducted as quickly. as possible under the circumstances “.

This story was updated with additional information on Monday.

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